Stubbing out a Cigarette on a Nightingale the conceptual, jovial, satirical work recently published by VLAK editions (PDF), is footnoted here with some contextual comparison & contrast with self-confessed lazy poet Kenneth Goldsmith. Benders:

Martijn trompet

writes, among other polemical witticisms about Goldmsmith:

“I have nothing against Mr Goldsmith, he is my American counterpart and we Europeans have always been apt in making America do the dirty work for us. We don’t play warmonger, we let America do it for our evil empire. Very lazy and effective.”

& further down:

“Kenneth Goldsmith is the machine, and I am the brain inside the machine. Don’t go after him, go after me. He is just the visible puppet, put out there as a decoy so people attack the wrong part of the machine. He is the perfect antihero, I am the brain of the antihero, a brain that attacks itself to prove its perfect.”



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